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Faculty's Guide to Canvas

Calendar & Syllabus

Canvas' Syllabus Tool

The Syllabus tool acts as a self-populating calendar within the course.  Events created on the calendar and assignment due dates appear in its vertical list of dates in the course.  The Syllabus tool also has a description field you can populate with the Rich Content Editor.  The syllabus description is a great place to post contact information, link to a Page describing course policies, and attach a downloadable syllabus document.

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The Calendar tool calendar icon displays events and due dates for all of your courses and groups, plus a personal calendar.  In addition to events, new Assignments can be created from the Calendar tool.

The Calendar tool includes the Scheduler feature. Scheduler is a Calendar tool that creates appointment groups within a course. Students can sign up for a time slot within the appointment group. The Scheduler feature is a convenient way to:

  • Create office hours
  • Assign presentation times
  • Host Student-Teacher conferences
  • Host other appointments

You can access the Scheduler feature by clicking the plus sign iconin the upper right of the Calendar window to create a new event and selecting the Appointment Group tab.

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