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Faculty's Guide to Canvas

Personalizing Canvas

Customizing Canvas

Set Your Notification Preferences

Review and modify your Notifications preferences so that you get the information you want, when and how you want it.  Access Notifications preferences from the Global Navigation Menu by clicking on "Account" and then "Notifications". Each time you add an item in "Ways to Contact", another column of Notifications preferences appears.

Customize the Courses Listed on Your Dashboard

You can customize the courses you want to show in your course list. Click on the courses iconCourses link on the left-hand side, then All Courses. 

Click the Star icon next to the courses that you wish to see in your Dashboard and course drop-down menu. A course with a gold star will show in your Dashboard and course menu whereas a course with a white star will not. You can always return to Courses and click "All Courses" to view all of your courses and change your preferences. 


Refresh your page. Your starred courses are the only courses that will now show on your homepage. If you ever wish to see your other courses, click on Courses and then All Courses.

To specify the color you wish to assign a course, return to the main User Dashboard and click on the Pencil icon (1) on the course. Choose the color you wish to use (2) and then select Apply (3). 

customize cours.png

You can also give your course a nickname, although we do not recommend you change the course name.

Your Account Settings - Add a Profile Pic & Personal Info

On your Settings page, you can add:

  • email addresses or mobile numbers as ways to contact
  • other web services
  • a profile picture

Access your personal settings by clicking "Account" on the Global Navigation Menu, then "Settings".

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