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The Center

Information for Instructional Faculty

Maintained by Royce Bass, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences.

2024 Summer Due Dates


Summer FT

May 8th 

Summer A 

May 8th 

Summer B

June 24

Gen. Ed. Core Syllabi March 24th     March 24th  May 10th 
Non-Core Syllabi May 8th  May 8th  June 24
Faculty Load Sheet (10 Month Faculty Only) May 22 May 22 July 8
SLO Assessment Plans-No Summer SLOs  NA  NA NA
No Shows (by 11:59 pm) May 24 May 24   July 5
Last Day Student/Instructor Withdrawal                       June 11 June 6  July 25 

Grades Due (by 11:59 pm)

August 7

June 22


August 7           


SLOs Results & Analysis-No Summer SLOs  NA  NA   NA


The Center is an initiative of the Learning Culture & Innovation department.