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QEP Faculty Resource Hub

Welcome to the QEP Faculty Resource Hub

As faculty members, your invaluable contributions are at the heart of our QEP's success. This dedicated space serves as a central repository for faculty to access all essential links, documents, and resources related to our institution's QEP, The Viking Experience: Core to Career.


To learn how to navigate this site and the variety of tools at your disposal, watch the following instructional video:


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What is SJR State's definition of Experiential Learning (EL)?

Experiential Learning enhances traditional education by providing opportunities for students to actively engage with their learning, reflect on how and what they have learned, and to apply their learning, inside and outside of the in-person and virtual classroom.

Experiential Learning empowers students to maximize their education with hands-on learning paired with reflection to cultivate a growth mindset, which can improve students’ soft skills, create career connections, and inspire lifelong learning.

QEP Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

SLO 1: Students will develop experience-based knowledge of their Core General Education Courses that will enhance their awareness of the relationship between core curriculum and career competencies.

SLO 2: Students will engage in reflection of experiential learning activities and demonstrate the ability to critically examine their experiences and create connections between those experiences and Core General Education knowledge.

SLO 3: Students will demonstrate that learning occurs in context by visibly accumulating evidence of career development accomplishments.

SLO 4: Students will demonstrate confidence in their ability to achieve career preparation skills.

The Center
The Center is an initiative of the Learning Culture & Resources department.