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What is Packback?

Packback is an AI-assisted tool that provides real-time feedback for students' writing. Packback also provides faculty with plagiarism and AI detection (that is superior to Turnitin) and grading assistance. Packback is already used at all of Florida's state universities and has met with great success at other institutions. 

Packback integrates fully with Canvas. There are 2 products available:

  • Packback Questions - This discussion platform has the students write the questions/prompts instead of the instructor. Students receive instant feedback to write fully developed questions and replies and there are time-savers for instructors when it comes to grading. 
    • This video for students provides a nice, concise summary of how this works.
  • Packback Deepdives - Students write papers in Packback Deepdives and receive real-time feedback and suggestions for improved writing as opposed to having content generated for them like other AI-assisted writing tools. (This page about the Writing Lab gives better screen shots of what students would see and how it works.) There is also a grading component to Deepdives which can save you loads of time if you choose to use it. 
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