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The Center

College Initiatives

The College has several on-going initiatives for which The Center for Learning Culture provides support.

Faculty Prep Week

Faculty Prep Week occurs annually in August. The week includes faculty department meetings, webinars, and events including Convocation.

Florida Online Course Design Quality Designations Project

To encourage Faculty to seek “Quality” or “High-Quality” designation for online courses taught at SJR State, the Florida Online Course Design Quality Designations Project provides stipends for Faculty who successfully complete the review process and for Faculty who serve as subject experts on the SJR State Course Quality Review Team.


The QEP (short for Quality Enhancement Plan) is a 5-year plan for improving an area of the College identified through the examination of institutional data. This faculty-driven, multifaceted initiative begins in Fall 2023.

Vikings Days of Service

Vikings Days of Service includes two events - Vikings Fall into Service and Vikings Spring into Service. Established in 2019, these events serve as opportunities to engage with our coworkers and the community while providing valuable service hours for the benefit of local agencies.

The Center is an initiative of the Learning Culture & Innovation department.