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1-10. Wellness Retreat

Session Information

Wellness Retreat

How mindful are you when it comes to your physical and mental wellness? Are you intentional about bringing more calm and happiness into your life? In this fun workshop, we’ll journey through some simple but effective wellness practices to help turn up the stress-reduction meter. From listening to your breathing pattern to doing some light stretching from your chair, you’ll also be invited to participate in a bit of fun journaling (or drawing) or whatever hobby you hold dear. Dropping from the mind into the heart and exercising the core and the feet, we’ll gently move through the body during this virtual wellness retreat.

Presenter: Penny Powell, Public Relations

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Information for Session Attendees:

Greetings, SJR State Team!

I hope that this note finds you well.

For those of you who may be considering going on a “Wellness Retreat” with me on Friday from 12:00 – 12:50 p.m., I invite you to take a few moments before then to think about how you might like your physical space to feel during the experience. Due to the virtual nature of this retreat, I, of course, will be unable to create the ambience for all of us with dim lighting, candles, etc. Therefore, I invite you to think about how you could make your personal space feel a little more relaxing! You may choose to spritz your “retreat room” with lavender or a favorite scent of yours. Simply decide what works for you, but please note that there is absolutely no requirement to do anything extra prior to this wellness journey!

Other items that you may want to have nearby:

  • A glass of water or comforting beverage such as herbal tea.
  • A journal/notepad and pen - While journaling offers many benefits for our well-being, if you would rather draw, color, repot a small plant or such as one of the 10-minute stress-reduction activities, simply have your preferred supplies nearby.
  • A cozy blanket and/or pillow or cushion for a chair stretch and for the Final Relaxation segment, at which time you’ll have the option to sit in your chair, relax on your couch, recliner or yoga mat, or wherever is most comfortable for you. As long as you can hear my voice guiding you, the rest is up to you!

My goal is to help you relax and release stress as best I can in a virtual environment, because you deserve it – and your health is worth it! As the Roman poet Virgil says, “The greatest wealth is health!”

Be well, team!

With Love,


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