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1-6. MLA Handbook Plus

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MLA Handbook Plus

The 9th edition of the MLA Handbook published in 2021 was a welcome update relative to the sparse nature of the 8th edition. In this new 9th edition, there are more explanations of the format and an appendix of citation examples. In addition to the improvements in this new edition, also new in January 2022 is MLA’s electronic platform, MLA Handbook Plus. SJR State’s Library has invested in an institutional-level subscription to the MLA Handbook Plus to ensure all students and faculty have easy access to this valuable tool. Please join us in this session to both explore the differences between the 8th and 9th editions of the MLA Handbook and learn how the new electronic MLA Handbook Plus platform works and what it can do for you.

Presenter: Eric Biggs, Learning Resources

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ResourceMLA Handbook Plus

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