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To Chat or Not to Chat: That is the Question

To Chat or Not to Chat: That is the Question

The SJR State’s Libraries and Tutoring Centers rolled out a chat service within the same week that the decision was made to move all instruction online and all employees to work remotely. During this unprecedented time in our country, higher education systems scrambled to keep all academic and student services as regular as possible. At SJR State, Learning Resources’ use of the chat service allowed our students to not only communicate remotely with librarians and tutors but to also make arrangements to check out and pick up items while our campuses were closed. In this session, you will learn about the technologies the Learning Resources Department incorporated into our business model during this time of chaos; how use of the technology kept the lines of communication with students open during remote work; how and why we plan to continue to use this tool even post-pandemic; and most importantly how these same, inexpensive, tools could be adopted and utilized in other departments across the College.

Presenters: Andrew Macfarlane and Eric Biggs, Learning Resources

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