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#because2020: Stressed Students and Fatigued Faculty—How Can We Help?

#because2020: Stressed Students and Fatigued Faculty—How Can We Help?

2020 was tough on most of us and made the importance of tending to mental health and wellness evident. As college employees, we've all seen the difficulties many students and coworkers are facing and, now more than ever, people are sharing their struggles with us - but many of us aren't sure how to help. The Library's faculty and staff found themselves asking "How can I help?" more than ever in 2020. After reaching out to Dr. Lobo, the Library collected resources and implemented new protocols to help students in distress and began devising ways to give everyone the tools they need not just to survive this thing called life but to thrive. Join us to learn about the scope and impact of the issue at colleges nationwide, discuss what you've witnessed this year at SJR State, and get introduced to available resources and services.

Presenters: Dr. Christina Will, Dr. Brittnee Fisher, and Royce Bass, Learning Resources; and Dr. Douglass Lobo, Student Affair

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PowerPoint - pdf

Web site: #because2020 and beyond - Resources for SJR State Employees & Students

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