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The Center

SJRPD: Professional Development Resources for SJR State Employees

SJR State employees have access to thousands of free on-demand and live webinars through our institutional memberships, partnerships, and products developers - the SJRPD site puts them all in one place for you!

The calendar below lists free, live online webinars and in-person professional development & engagement opportunities being offered by SJR State as well as a selection of webinars provided by associated organizations and vendors.

To view all the available live and on-demand professional development resources available to SJR State employees, use the tabs above.

Save the Date - The Center for Learning Culture


August 19 - 23 - Faculty Prep Week & Convocation

September 13 - Vikings Spring into Service 


January 24 - Vikings Spring into Service 

February 7 - PDI

Monthly Calendar

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The creation of the SJRPD web site resulted from College Town Hall meetings held in 2023. 

The Center is an initiative of the Learning Culture & Innovation department.