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4-1. HELP! This student is failing my class….

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HELP!  This student is failing my class….

This session is designed to engage faculty in a discussion of current College policies and programs and identify additional opportunities to make a positive difference in students’ academic success and persistence.  Presenters will highlight those processes that depend on faculty feedback, such as the At-Risk/Early Warning process, Registration Adjustments, Student Petitions, and Student Withdrawals. Discussion of what to look for in the classroom to know if a student is struggling outside of class. Current resources for struggling students within the Advising Office will be highlighted, as well as information on our partner programs with Learning Resources and Academic Support.  Faculty will receive several take-aways including a better understanding of their role in these processes, how they can positively impact students’ persistence, and how the Advising Office can be their partner in meeting their students’ needs.

Presenters: Dr. Iana Harris, Renee Ruffalo, and Karen Thomas, Academic Advising

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