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2019 Professional Development Institute

professional development institute 2019Welcome to St. Johns River State College’s 2019 Professional Development Institute website!  SJR State’s seventh annual Professional Development Institute will be held Thursday, January 31, 2019, at the Palatka Campus. The College will be closed to students, and all 352 SJR State full-time faculty, staff, and administration will report to Palatka to participate in this one-day event.

The conference program promises sessions full of innovative strategies and methodologies designed to engage students and improve the college experience for both students and staff alike.  Sessions at this year’s Professional Development Institute include a wide variety of topics and best practices.  Sadly, it is not possible to attend more than one breakout session in each of the four time blocks, so we will all miss many of the 57 breakout sessions being led by 75 SJR State faculty, staff, and administration during the one-day event. This Professional Development Institute website is designed to make available the presentation materials to all sessions to everyone.

As you participate in the day, engage with your colleagues, and review the presentation materials, please consider how you might share your own innovations and ideas at St. Johns River State College’s 2020 Professional Development Institute.

Dr. Melanie Brown
Vice President of Academic Affairs

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