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Turnitin Help

In-person or online, we have people and resources to help you with Turnitin! (Please note: The IT Department cannot help with Turnitin.)


  • Instructional Design Techs are available at each campus during College business hours. Please don't contact multiple people individually about the same issue. You're welcome to email all of us at once, just please don't send separate emails and make calls to other people if you've already contacted someone directly without lettings us know. 
photo of Heather Jones photo of Eric photo of Stephen
Heather Jones
Palatka, L-202
(386) 312-4132
Eric Whitmer
Orange Park, D-30
(904) 276-6834
Stephen Tomasovitch
St. Augustine, L-111
(904) 808-7476


  • Turnitin For Faculty - This guide was made by Associate Dean for Arts & Sciences, Royce Bass, to help SJR State faculty. 

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