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Library Resources and Services for Employees

Physical and Digital Resources

I Want Faculty to Use the LibraryAll SJR State employees are automatically eligible to borrow and access Library  material - no library card or application needed! 

Physical resources, like books and DVDs, can be requested from other campus libraries and delivered to your location by our courier service. If our Library doesn't have what you need, you can request a book or DVD from any state college or university library right from our catalog!

Digital resources are available to all current faculty & students and can be accessed on campus or off campus. The Library's digital resources provide access to articles, streaming videos, eBooks, and unique products like Pronunciator, and Visible Body

If you access a Library resource through a link you embedded in Canvas, you will not be prompted again to sign in to a resource. If you are asked to sign in, use your MySJRstate username & password.

To search the Library's catalog and access the Library's digital resources, visit

Acquisitions & Licensing

Faculty members may request materials for purchase for the Library's collection or licensing for use by all students and faculty by contacting their local Librarian. 

The Collection Development Policy provides guidelines and details regarding acquisitions.

Custom LibGuides

Do you like this web site? Would you like one for your discipline or course that featured Library resources and instructions just for your students? Contact a Librarian and talk about the possibilities! To get inspired, take a look at these guides:

Live Library Instruction Options

On Campus or Online Course Instruction

A Librarian can visit your classroom in person or online to provide students various levels of instruction using the Library's catalog, databases, and online tools. A Librarian will consult with you to customize the content of instructional sessions for students in any class you teach. A Librarian can also provide information literacy instruction for students in your classes on such topics as avoiding plagiarism, determining credible sources, or complying with copyright law.

Canvas Pages for Asynchronous Instruction

For any class you teach, a Librarian can create a resources page for you to embed in Canvas and/or create stand-alone web pages that will connect students directly with Library resources of particular use to students in your class. A Librarian will consult with you to create the form of content you prefer as well as the type of resources you would like to have featured for your students.

Flipped Classroom Instruction

"The term Flip the Classroom refers to inverting the traditional method of teaching; that is, turning upside down the model in which information (teaching the lesson) is presented during class time, and homework is assigned for practice at home" (Fulton, 2014).

For library instruction, we use the online tutorials for students to complete before face-to-face instruction. This is to optimize librarian instructional time with students through a flipped classroom library instruction model which will allow librarians to engage students with activities during our face-to-face instruction. 

Fulton, K.P. (2014). Time for learning: Top 10 reasons why flipping the classroom can change education. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage

Non-Instructional Library Tour

A tour that provides the group with an orientation to the physical space and services of the library and does not include instruction on how to use library resources. 

Online Library Tutorials

The SJR State Librarians can create custom tutorials to fit your instructional needs. Additionally, the tutorials will provide a certificate of completion based on an earned score of 80%. Tutorials can be shared with students via a link, or Librarians can create custom tutorial pages for you in Canvas that you can easily add to your courses.  

Sample Tutorials

Databases Tutorial

Databases Tutorial - This tutorial teaches students why we use databases, how to access them, and how to search within the hundreds of databases provided by the Library.

Evaluating Information Sources

Evaluating Information Sources Tutorial - This tutorial will help you better understand how to examine a source and determine whether it is usable in an academic setting.

Library Catalog Tutorial

Library Catalog Tutorial - This tutorial teaches students how to access resources in the SJR State Library Catalog. 

View more examples of library-instruction tutorials the Librarians can create for you!

Contact a Librarian

Contact a local Librarian to arrange for Library instruction, custom tutorials or LibGuides, or to request an item for the Library's collection.

Orange Park Campus


Andrew Macfarlane



Kendall McCurley


Palatka Campus


Dr. Brittnee Fisher



Joyce Smith


St. Augustine Campus


Eric Biggs



Victoria Slaughter


Discipline Liaison Librarians

If you work on multiple campuses or online and don't know who to contact, don't worry! Each academic department within the College has a Liaison Librarian that can help you connect your students with the Learning Resources they need to succeed in class.

Discipline/Dept. Liaison(s) Email Extension
Adult Ed Dr. Brittnee Fisher x4158
Allied Health Joyce Smith x4238
Biological Sciences Andrew Macfarlane x6840
Business Kendall McCurley x6831
Early College and Off-site Dual Enrollment Andrew Macfarlane x6840

Eric Biggs


Criminal Justice Eric Biggs x7479
Early Childhood Education Dr. Brittnee Fisher and Dr. Christina Will x4158

Andrew Macfarlane

Kendall McCurley



English Andrew Macfarlane x6840
Florida School of the Arts Dr. Brittnee Fisher x4158
Foreign Languages Kendall McCurley x6831
Humanities Victoria Slaughter x7482

Dr. Christina Will


Nursing Joyce Smith x4238
Organizational Management Andrew Macfarlane x6840
Physical Sciences Kendall McCurley x6831
Social Sciences Victoria Slaughter x7482
Student Life Skills Eric Biggs x7479
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